Thursday, May 13, 2010

Web 2.0 tools to promote oral communication in distance and blended learning contexts

As a teacher I want to make sure all my students have a voice in the classroom. In large classes or in on-line contexts, discussions are usually dominated by few students. The tools I am showing today can provide us with  opportunities to have more interactive lessons. These tools are free and they can be used in a variety of contexts. They are Voki, Voicethread, Voxopop, and Tokbox

In the following presentation, you will find some of my ideas on how to use these tools in the classroom.

If you want to try these tools, here you are some tasks and video tutorials. You will need to create an accounts in their webpages - Voki, Voicethread, Voxopop, Tokbox

Create a speaking avatar and tell us about one potential use of this tool in your class. Email your avatar to the presenter:


Add a voice/video comment to the following voicethread. You may have to register in Voicethread. Just click on the “comment” button at the bottom, choose the microphone, phone or webcam.


Record your comment to the following discussion: Do's and Don'ts of using technology in the classroom. Click on the link below to go the the talkgroup.

Talkgroup » Using technology in class

Tutorial 1:

Tutorial 2:

Record a video message and send it to the presenter: Discuss: what are the potential problems of using this tool in your class?

TokBox - Free video chat and video messaging


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