Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Week 3 in our podcasting evo session has been so interesting. I learned new skills, like editing audio files with audacity tools such as the envelope, and to add jingles to introduce and close audio segments.
Another task was to record a skype interview. I have been using skype for personal reasons, but with the option to record calls I think a whole new world of possibilities are open for educational purposes. I can continue my project of recording native speakers to develop my students' listening skills, for example, or record narratives by beginner teachers to use for mentoring purposes. As I have a Mac, I could not use the tools suggested in the course "Mp3 skype recorder". However, I bought a call recorder specific for Macs from ecamm. I was pleased with this first try recording an interview. The call recorder I used produced a quicktime movie of the call that can then be converted into a mp3 file, and then edited with Audacity.
For this call, I interviewed Samantha, one of our young Spanish teachers at NAU. The music at the beginning and at the end is a song that I found in one of the websites suggested by the moderators: Freeplay music . The title of the song is "Wherever you are" by Carl Vincent Varvel in Latin Fusion Vol. 1.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Podcasts

In my podcasting EVO session, week 2, we used podomatic to record our first episode of a podcast. It was really easy and what I liked was the possibility of adding pictures related to the content of the episode. This was my first attempt at using podomatic:

Another tool we explored is podbean. This site allows you to upload mp3 files as episodes. I recorded a short introduction about me using podbean.

Towards the end of the EVO session on Podcasting, we got the chance to explore other audio web tools like Audioboo, Vocaroo, and Chirbit. Here are my attempts at using this tools:




Check this out on Chirbit