Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Week 3 in our podcasting evo session has been so interesting. I learned new skills, like editing audio files with audacity tools such as the envelope, and to add jingles to introduce and close audio segments.
Another task was to record a skype interview. I have been using skype for personal reasons, but with the option to record calls I think a whole new world of possibilities are open for educational purposes. I can continue my project of recording native speakers to develop my students' listening skills, for example, or record narratives by beginner teachers to use for mentoring purposes. As I have a Mac, I could not use the tools suggested in the course "Mp3 skype recorder". However, I bought a call recorder specific for Macs from ecamm. I was pleased with this first try recording an interview. The call recorder I used produced a quicktime movie of the call that can then be converted into a mp3 file, and then edited with Audacity.
For this call, I interviewed Samantha, one of our young Spanish teachers at NAU. The music at the beginning and at the end is a song that I found in one of the websites suggested by the moderators: Freeplay music . The title of the song is "Wherever you are" by Carl Vincent Varvel in Latin Fusion Vol. 1.


  1. No hay duda de tús técnicas... en mi las sembrastes y hasta hoy existen.. 'La música' aun recuerdo el estudio del presente perfecto con la canción de Londonbeat - "I've Been Thinking About You Lyrics"... Gracias por ser tan buena en lo que haces... espero me rcuerdes y escribas pronto...
    un bsito.. Yugrelis Aguilar

  2. Excellent work, Yuly! Great sound quality and content. Congratulations!!! You are an inspiration for Latin American teachers!!! Way to go!