Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Presenting with Haiku Deck

I am teaching a technology class in our Master's program in Teaching Spanish. This semester I want to experiment with new ways of presenting content using other apps and tools besides powerpoint. I learned about Haiku Deck a few weeks ago and decided to give it a try. Haiku Deck is an iPad app that allows you to create amazing presentations using free pictures from the internet. The app is very intuitive. You type a word in the search function of the app and it looks for pictures related to the word or phrase you used in your search. The picture is used as a background for your slide. If the app can not find a picture, you can upload your own pictures from your roll camera in the iPad or from Dropbox. Once you have your picture selected, you are presented with different templates to add text to the slide. The text is kept to the minimum, so you are forced to really summarize the information you want to present. Goodbye to the wordy slides that makes content boring for the audience. Once you are finished with your presentation, you can share it with a link or published it in your blog or website with an embed code. I showed my presentation about the History of Computer Assisted Language Learning from the webpage in the link and it worked well.