Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Technology: Vocabulary and reading in L2

This week we will be discussing in class how the use of technology could help Spanish students learn vocabulary and develop their reading skills in a L2. Vocabulary flashcards and apps are specially popular nowadays. My daughter is using two apps in our iPad: Gus Spanish and Mindsnacks Spanish to learn basic vocabulary in Spanish. She specially enjoyed the games targeting the words she is learning.

 Gus Spanish

 Mindsnacks Spanish

 Other tools such as flashcards and tools in the web such a Memrise can help learners store new words in their memories.

StudyBlue flashcard



 Reading and how we read in the net have also experienced important changes that can help L2 learners get more exposure to the texts, textual enhancements, tools such as dictionaries and glossaries, and share her reading experiences with others through apps such as Kindle and iBook.

 Children Library app


 For this topic, I prepared a special live binder to introduce the topic and share some tools that can be used in the Spanish classroom.

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